During our winter months in the Northern Hemisphere, why not travel to summer south of the equator to experience the world's most outstanding and varied trout fishing in a peaceful, beautiful and hospitable country—Chile. Fishing resources here are rich indeed, with acrobatic rainbows, huge brown trout, alpine brook trout, salmon and steelhead available during the long November-April season.

Fantastic fishing awaits our guests here, but a trip to Chile offers much more. It is a unique place where it seems time has stood still for centuries… yet modern technology prospers. It is a beautiful place often described as the best of Alaska and Montana combined, with mountain peaks higher than the Rockies and filled with plant and animal species found nowhere else on earth. It is a verdant, green place where ferns, flowers, unique trees and 100-foot waterfalls await you around the bend of the road. And perhaps most importantly to an angler, on any given day when you present a fly to a rising trout, you are standing in a spot where no fisherman has ever stood.

In this site, you will find our recommendations for the best fishing in Chilean Patagonia. Many years of research and many visits to these lodges (and many others we choose not to represent) have given us the knowledge to make your trip the most productive and memorable adventure of your life. Besides the fantastic fishing, our guests will enjoy luxurious accommodations, congenial Old-World service, fine dining and world-renowned Chilean wines.

For each destination, you can click on “Accommodations,” “Fishing,” “Slideshow,” etc., in the navigation bar on at the top of each page. These pages contain much detailed information and lots of photos to better acquaint you with the program.

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