Fishing - Chile's Paloma River Lodge Fly Fishing

Chile FishingPaloma River Lodge specializes in dry fly fishing—about 80% of each day will consist of throwing big dries. Because there are six different kinds of beetles in the area, the trout are accustomed to pounding large bugs on the surface. This is truly a dry fly fisherman's paradise, since most of the dries used are between #4 and #10 all summer long. Streamers are also productive all season, but their key role is in the lakes, and late in the fall.

Chile FishingAnglers that can cast 40 feet will be able to reach most of the fish in the rivers, and intermediate fishermen should expect to hook 20-40 fish each day. Most rainbow and brown trout here are between 14 and 20 inches, and it is common to get shots at bigger bows and browns up to 25 inches. Paloma River Lodge has provided many anglers with their personal best days on trout.

Chile FishingThe best dry fly fishing generally occurs from December through March, although October and November are great early spring months and very large trout on the move can be taken on streamers. March brings cooler mornings and evenings and the rivers reach their lowest water volume, but the cooler days bring the truly large fish out of the lakes and into the rivers for spawning.

The lodge has two Aire Super Puma 14' self bailing rafts with rowing frames for float trips, and also has several other boats, including their all-welded 17' jet sled and other quality equipment stationed in various locations for quick lake fishing access.