Chile FishingLake Llanquihue's (pronounced Yan Kee Way) nearest and primary river, the renowned Petrohue, is one of the most scenic in South America. Along with jet boat and drift boat access, it offers numerous pools with some runs suitable for wading. Fishing is productive for large chinook (king salmon) and both brown and rainbow trout. The river also serves up the occasional steelhead and Atlantic or silver salmon.

Chile FishingNovice and experienced anglers alike will enjoy this memorable Chilean fishing expedition. You may vary your fishing methods to suit your favorite style. Chinook (king salmon) are taken with sinking shooting heads or sink-tip lines fishing large streamers on fly rods, or via spinners, plugs and spoons on level wind or spinning gear. Fish of 40 to 50 pounds are common and some over 70 pounds have been landed.

Chile FishingFly fishermen can alternate floating lines and dry flies with sinking shooting heads or sink-tip lines and streamers for trout—all take fish. Some of the nearby spring creeks require some technical skill, but offer some really large browns and rainbows on dry flies and nymph patterns.

Chile Fishing In general, anglers fishing from Yan Kee Way fish the large Petrohue River, a few smaller rivers, lakes, spring creeks, and nearby saltwater estuaries. Fishing programs are structured to the season, hatches and local water conditions during your visit. Chinook (king salmon) fishing is best mid-February through mid-April. Trout fishing is best November through mid-April.