Rod & Gun Resources started out 25 years ago as a tiny component (mostly a fantasy) of a traditional big-city travel agency in San Antonio, TX. Our expertise back then was primarily in Alaska fishing and Mexico whitewing dove hunting. Partner J.W. Smith had been a federal game warden and fishing lodge operator in Alaska, and partner David Gregory had grown up bird hunting in both old Mexico and New Mexico and spoke Spanish well.

Two subsequent decades of expansion, research, travel and sorting out habitats, outfitters and lodges brought Rod & Gun to a place where we were offering and arranging trips to as many as 40 different destinations, including African safaris—through a thankfully brief partnership with a Zimbabwean professional hunter.

We have slowly learned over those decades that bigger is not better, and it is more professional and more satisfying to handle 20 destinations very well than to try to keep legitimate, current expertise on a huge list of trips — if it truly can be done at all... So now we routinely turn down offers to represent various programs on both sides of the Atlantic and the equator, as we try to concentrate on what's new and what's best in the areas where we have found the most abundant and consistent sporting opportunities. And when a wonderful new trip comes along in those areas — such as the amazingly diverse trout and salmon fishery at Salmo Patagonia — we proudly add it to our stable of preferred destinations.