What our guests say:

"Travel to Argentina went off without a hitch and the accommodations at Estancia del Pilar were perfect for our family. We enjoyed the privacy of just having our family and sitting in front of the fire drinking vino tinto. The hunting was extraordinary! The furthest we had to drive was about 15 minutes but most of the hunting was on the ranch where the Estancia sits. The weather was good and the shooting was plentiful. Both of my boys became members of the “Club 1000” for shooting over 1000 birds in one day!"
"My trip to the Brazil Safari Camp was by far the best fishing trip for peacock bass, both for quantity and size. I landed 30 to 50 fish everyday. One afternoon I caught fish of 13, 16, 17, and 22 pounds. My personal best with a fly rod."
"The hunting was great with Frank Ruiz at Ciudad Obregon, especially the duck. The birds were certainly plentiful and the guides were, at minimum, helpful and, at best, really excellent. For example, one time when rain caused our second duck hunt to be postponed (due to slick, muddy roads), they made extra effort and put us on a super dove hunt in between downpours."
"...seldom have I stood amid more inspiring surroundings. If ever there existed a reason to invent fly fishing, here it waited. On the third day, just before stream-side lunch, I hit a jackpot. I was wading alone, covering a short, deep run that was stacked with fish. I stood in one spot, working the top of the run, and drew strike after strike. As I played a big dolly, I glanced up at the rod's tip... a huge 2,000-foot waterfall fell into the valley... and, for once, I forgot all about fighting a big fish. That says an awful lot about British Columbia."
"The goose hunting at El Tejon is simply the finest in North America. I've hunted in Ontario, the eastern shore of Maryland and the rice fields of Texas — and those places simply can't compare... El Tejon's goose hunting is of another order of magnitude."
"From past experience, I knew the quail hunting with Gerry Glasco would be excellent, but I think I enjoyed the duck hunting even more — why go to South America for mixed-bag shooting when the best is two hours from the Harlingen, Texas airport?"
"My group has bird hunted all over the world over the last decade and I think our recent trip to Alas Blancas was overall the most enjoyable ever. Lots of birds, great hospitality and No Hassles! Thanks again."
"Over the past several years I have had the great pleasure of participating in some of the finest hunting and fishing in the world — thanks to you. Your service is the finest available anywhere. This last trip to Argentina was a good example. The hunting was spectacular, the accommodations and food compared with the finest in the world, and the people we met and dealt with were an absolute pleasure. We look forward to many more Dave Gregory adventures!"
"My partner and I boated 289 peacocks during the week — the largest going twenty pounds. The fishing, accommodations, food and staff with River Plate Anglers were far superior to our previous trips on the Amazon."
"Thanks to your staff for an outstanding job on our recent trip to Cordoba, Argentina. I shot more birds on those four days than I did in ten years of shooting in Mexico — including one 700-bird afternoon!"
"Our helicopter flew from the end of the bay up a narrow river canyon with sheer 1,000 foot cliffs on each side. Then we landed on a gravel bar by a long pool of spectacular water with a huge house-size boulder — I hooked 37 fish, one after another. Best day of my life!"
"I think the Flying B Ranch offers the best mixed-bag shooting in the United States. As you know, I have been to the Flying B Ranch with my wife for five years in a row. Their program just keeps getting better and better."
"In Tamaulipas the quail hunting action rarely cools off. On our best days, we hit coveys every 100 to 200 yards. Hats off to El Tejon and my dog handler, Doug Boyt."
"An experience unlike any we've encountered in 18 years of Alaska fishing... The silver salmon fishing is outstanding. In many sections the river was blackened with salmon entering on the incoming tide."
"On our trip to Cordoba with Miles & Miles Outfitters, our group felt as if we were treated as royalty and that nothing could have been any better.  Seldom in my experience has a product actually been better than advertised."